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Демо проекты и макросы Weintek для скачивания

Количество проектов: 168 (на 02/12/2016)

EasyAccess 2.0 Demo Project

This demo project introduces how to set up the HMI to use EasyAccess 2.0 service. This service is supported by EasyBuilder Pro V4.10.04 or later versions.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro02.12.2016Размер: 1.38 Мб

Dynamic Meter Demo

Демо-проект для панелей серий XE, iE и eMT. Демонстрирует, как сделать, чтобы показания приборного индикатора (Dynamic Meter) изменялись плавно с помощью адресных ярлыков и макросов.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro18.11.2016Размер: 1.84 Мб

Event Log-Statistics

This demo project introduces how to show the occurrence count and elapsed time of the events in Event Display object. This feature requires EasyBuilder Pro V5.05.01 or later.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro22.07.2016Размер: 1.62 Мб

Save Real-Time Date & Time into Recipe Database

This demo project shows how to save real-time date and time into Recipe Database in “yyyy/M/d_H:mm:ss” format. Further application: On certain occasions, the user may need to find the data in Data Sampling, but Data Sampling does not support search function. In this case, the user can save sampled data into Recipe Database, and use the macro function of Recipe Database to search for the data.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro30.06.2016Размер: 1.46 Мб

Unix Timestamp (Epoch Time) Converter

Unix Time (also known as Epoch Time) is defined as the number of seconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), 1st of January, 1970. This demo project can convert a date into Unix Time.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro29.06.2016Размер: 1.79 Мб

VNC Viewer Demo

This demo project introduces how to use VNC Viewer. Now it is possible to view the screen of other HMIs or PC from an HMI.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro24.06.2016Размер: 1.51 Мб

Siemens PPI MPI Pass-Through Demo

Pass-Through function allows running PLC software on PC to control the PLC through HMI which works as a converter in this case. This demo project explains the basic settings of Siemens MPI/PPI.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro23.06.2016Размер: 1.52 Мб

Dynamic Drawing Wood Cutting Demo

Dynamic Drawing object enables drawing shapes on HMI screen, and this feature can be very useful for a wood cutting machine. Before cutting the woods, the wood pattern can be drawn on HMI according to the specified parameters, for the operators to preview. This demo project shows how to apply a Dynamic Drawing object to a wood cutting machine.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro21.06.2016Размер: 1.27 Мб

Energy Demand Setting & Energy Demand Display

This demo project introduces how to use Energy Demand Setting and Energy Demand Display objects. This object, by monitoring the meter, calculates energy demands and graphs the result. In this project, the user can dynamically change limits on Y axis, or change the threshold limits. The attributes of the Energy Demand Display object can be customized.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro20.06.2016Размер: 1.56 Мб

PDF Reader Demo

PDF Reader allows opening a PDF file stored in an external device on HMI. With this tool the on-site personnel can open documents, such as manuals, on HMI.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro17.05.2016Размер: 1.05 Мб

IP Camera Demo

This demo project provides the basic setup for using IP camera function. Now it is possible to view the image of an IP camera from an HMI.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro10.05.2016Размер: 1.06 Мб

Barcode Scanner (Android) Demo

This demo project introduces how to use Barcode Scanner. By connecting an Android device equipped with a camera to an HMI using cMT Viewer installed on Android device, the camera can be used to scan barcodes, and the result can be displayed on HMI.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro28.04.2016Размер: 1.17 Мб

Video Streaming Demo Project for cMT-SVR

This demo project provides the basic setup for using video streaming feature on the cMT-SVR. The user can use web browser to view the streamed video from connected USB camera on cMT-SVR. Additionally, the user can control and view the status of the video streaming feature in cMT Viewer.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro01.03.2016Размер: 0.71 Мб

USB Tethering Demo

By connecting your Android mobile phone with HMI using a USB cable, the internet connection of your phone can be shared with HMI. This demo project introduces how to enable USB Tethering. Applicable EasyBuilder Versions: EasyBuilder Pro V5.03.02 Applicable HMI OS Versions: 20151228 or later

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro15.02.2016Размер: 0.97 Мб

Dynamic Drawing Demo

Dynamic Drawing object enables drawing a shape in a specified region on HMI screen at run time. The shape can be a line, a rectangle, a circle, or a dot. By setting the Attributes Addresses, the style and the color of the shape can be customized.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro20.01.2016Размер: 1.05 Мб

Dynamic Scale

Different from the former scale object, Dynamic Scale object not only shows labels at major tick marks, but also allows changing Max. and Min. limits dynamically on HMI.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro28.12.2015Размер: 0.77 Мб


This demo project introduces the settings and use of MQTT in EasyBuilder Pro. When run on an HMI, it allows MQTT messages to be published to a broker which can be an external one or a built-in one. Then, the user can use an MQTT client program to receive message updates from the broker.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro16.12.2015Размер: 0.97 Мб

Database Server - Exporting Data Sampling into Database Server

For easier data collection, analysis, and management, EasyBuilder supports saving data sampling and event log to a remote database server. Thus, the user can manage data on PC. This demo project uses phpMyAdmin as an example, and introduces how to export data sampling to database server. Note: Applicable only for cMT Series.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro14.12.2015Размер: 1.14 Мб

Trend Display Y Scale

This demo project introduces how to use Trend Display Y-axis to set the visibility of each channel, and furthermore, to dynamically change the main axis and the limits on Y scale.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro20.10.2015Размер: 1.02 Мб

Pie Chart

This demo project introduces how to draw a Pie Chart according to the value in the designated address. The following is an example showing the proportion of the population of different ages in a city.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro07.08.2015Размер: 0.66 Мб


This demo project is a sample calculator.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro05.08.2015Размер: 0.84 Мб

User Management Using Recipe Database

EasyBuilder Enhanced Security allows a maximum of 127 users, but some big companies may have hundreds or thousands of employees. To efficiently manage the employees, different access privileges may be given to each employee.

Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro25.06.2015Размер: 1.24 Мб

Recipe Import Export File Browser Demo

Комбинированное использование экспорта/импорта рецептов и файл-браузер
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro13.02.2015Размер: 0.94 Мб

Screen Hardcopy Customized Filename Handling

Настройка названий и иконок файлов создаваемых при логировании PLC-объектов.
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro06.02.2015Размер: 1.09 Мб

Data Log Customized File Handling Demo

Настройка логирования, наименование лог-файлов
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro06.01.2015Размер: 1.34 Мб

Modbus Special Device Type Demo

A number of special data types have been added to the Modbus RTU driver. This demo project introduces and explains the setup to use special Modbus data types.
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro06.01.2015Размер: 0.96 Мб

Recipe Database

База рецептов
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro12.12.2014Размер: 1.17 Мб

Solar Day Converter

Преобразование даты по григорианскому календарю в солнечный день
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilder800012.12.2014Размер: 0.79 Мб

Tag over your project

Макрос для выполнения расчетов взаимосвязи уровня и давления воды
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro25.11.2014Размер: 6.94 Мб

Backup Recipe Database to USB Demo

Резервное копирование на USB
Автор: Weintek Labs., Inc.EasyBuilderPro23.10.2014Размер: 2.27 Мб
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